Amor Fati (love of faith)From Italy with love and exquisite taste

Every time I browse through these photos, I see summer. I see ocean breeze, happiness and laughter. Sunglasses, warm winds, effortless smiles…

So you can only imagine how fun it was for me to edit this post 🙂

The beautiful couple planned almost the entire wedding from a different continent. All the way from Italy to Israel, Donna and Eran wanted a one-of-a-kind celebration and it’s exactly what they had.

A dozen of their Italian friends and of course local families and friends arrived especially for the noon event, held in a sun-bathed Pecan field. It was utterly perfect. A reception cocktail with splendid live music, an emotional ceremony and extremely tasty (and healthy!) catering.

But this was only part 1. After a chilled and relaxed lunch, about 50 of the guests continued to the next destination – a beach party! I kept saying to my second shooter how this is such a perfect way to end a busy week. Yeah, we were working, but with the sand in our feet, amazing light, dancing guests in front of the sunset.. I couldn’t ask for more.

This might be the first time I had the soundtrack in my head before I even had the edited photos in my hands. Usually finished posts stay as drafts for a long time because I can’t find the right song to accompany them. It has to be perfectly synced.

Press play and browse away…

(Washed Out – Amor Fati)


2014-11-18_00032014-11-18_0005Donna_Eran-121Donna_Eran-1252014-11-18_0006Donna_Eran-1462014-11-18_0007Donna_Eran-1822014-11-18_0008 Donna_Eran-172Donna_Eran-179Donna_Eran-1742014-11-18_0009Donna_Eran-402Donna_Eran-2012014-11-18_0010Donna_Eran-203Donna_Eran-1912014-11-18_0011Donna_Eran-199Donna_Eran-209Donna_Eran-210Donna_Eran-2312014-11-18_0012Donna_Eran-336Donna_Eran-293Donna_Eran-302Donna_Eran-310Donna_Eran-2392014-11-18_0013Donna_Eran-352Donna_Eran-432Donna_Eran-4522014-11-18_0015Donna_Eran-4952014-11-18_0014Donna_Eran-4962014-11-18_0016Donna_Eran-6272014-11-18_0017Donna_Eran-661Donna_Eran-6672014-11-18_0018Donna_Eran-736Donna_Eran-741 Donna_Eran-7442014-11-18_0019Donna_Eran-745Donna_Eran-742Donna_Eran-772Donna_Eran-7562014-11-18_0020Donna_Eran-798Donna_Eran-800Donna_Eran-808Donna_Eran-827Donna_Eran-832Donna_Eran-834Donna_Eran-838Donna_Eran-994Donna_Eran-848Donna_Eran-857Donna_Eran-862Donna_Eran-879Donna_Eran-882Donna_Eran-8932014-11-18_0021Donna_Eran-9402014-11-18_0022Donna_Eran-970Donna_Eran-974Donna_Eran-1013

Venue: Private Pecan field + Beach front

Venues production: Adama

Bridal dresses: Private collection + Max Mara

Design and DIY – The bride and groom

Live music: De Ja Vu band

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