Hard SunAdva and Guy walk into the wild

An Alice in wonderland themed wedding with the coolest couple ever? Yes please.

Click play and browse away:

(Eddie Veder – Hard Sun)

adva_guy-1 adva_guy-5 adva_guy-17 adva_guy-20 adva_guy-23 adva_guy-24 adva_guy-29 adva_guy-27 adva_guy-69 2016-12-11_0001 adva_guy-76 adva_guy-87 adva_guy-91 adva_guy-105 adva_guy-102 2016-12-11_0002 adva_guy-132 adva_guy-127 adva_guy-131 adva_guy-142 2016-12-11_0003 adva_guy-170 adva_guy-179 adva_guy-155 adva_guy-233 adva_guy-210 adva_guy-218 2016-12-11_0004 adva_guy-278 adva_guy-340 adva_guy-344 2016-12-11_0005 adva_guy-417 adva_guy-310 adva_guy-372 adva_guy-403 2016-12-11_0006 2016-12-11_0007 adva_guy-572 adva_guy-593 adva_guy-602 adva_guy-608 adva_guy-626 adva_guy-631 adva_guy-659 adva_guy-585 adva_guy-707 adva_guy-720 adva_guy-698 adva_guy-721 adva_guy-700 2016-12-11_0008 adva_guy-741 adva_guy-777 adva_guy-746 adva_guy-783 adva_guy-816 adva_guy-856 adva_guy-883 adva_guy-896 adva_guy-914 adva_guy-924 adva_guy-943 adva_guy-951 adva_guy-960 adva_guy-1315 adva_guy-1091 adva_guy-1079 adva_guy-966 adva_guy-975 adva_guy-972 adva_guy-1258 adva_guy-1075 adva_guy-1076 adva_guy-1086 adva_guy-1092 adva_guy-1187 adva_guy-1189 adva_guy-1242 2016-12-11_0009 adva_guy-1430 adva_guy-1279 adva_guy-1348 adva_guy-1380 adva_guy-1301 adva_guy-1411 adva_guy-1445



Venue: ECO

MUA: Talia Naiman


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